RoketHouse Films

About us



We make corporate films for global brands across multiple industries. Our clients include O2, Pepsi, Tesco, The NHS, Save The Children and Mark Warner. We work with smaller companies too.

Most of our business comes through word-of-mouth and repeat orders. We listen. We’re personable. We go the extra mile. We want you to be proud of your video content. That’s why our clients keep coming back.

Movies that move.

Your video content should be a visual representation of who you are and what you do. If you have a clear brief we can work to that. If you need original ideas then our in-house team can do this too.

Our clients are often amazed at how we’ve captured the personality of their business. The secret to this is we’re not just corporate filmmakers. We make documentaries and fictional films too. Our love of bold and visual storytelling shines through in everything we do.

[Creative Director] William Westaway –

William Westaway is a filmmaker. He has been making films since his sister left an old 8mm video camera lying around the house when he was eight years old.

William has over fifteen years of filmmaking experience and has been nominated for a string of corporate awards. He has independently built relationships with several high-profile companies and many smaller ones. He also partners with some of the top marketing agencies in the UK.

In his free-time, William directs his own creative projects. His most recent achievement is a feature length documentary (The Writer With No Hands) which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. It went on to win ‘Best Documentary’ at festivals in the USA, Iran, Italy and Austria.

William recruits crew on a job-by-job basis from a pool of creative and technical talent in the south of England. In 2015 he changed the name of his company (from Westaway Film) and ROKETHOUSE was born.

[360 Video Producer] Nick Peres –

Nick is a 360 Video specialist.

He has always had a background in computers and tech. He spent several years in London, Tokyo and Las Vegas as a tech journalist and went on to create and star in hit-webseries The Video Gamer Show. 

After founding MindMaker Productions, completing a PHD in Transtechnology and 10 successful years making corporate films he began working at the NHS as Head of Simulations and Technology R&D. Nick refers to himself a 360 Video “explorer” as his role allows him to pioneer new 360 video techniques. In 2016 he founded PatientVR, a new technology system that revolutionises doctor-training.

He’s a TEDx talker, loves the outdoors and has a passion for photography.